Latest Issue of the Oklahoma Baptist Messenger: Exploring the Book of Revelation

I am honored and blessed to live in Oklahoma and to serve alongside many extraordinary Baptist leaders. The most recent edition of the Messenger,  the state paper published by the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma, focuses on the various ways that sincere Christian’s may approach John’s Apocalypse.


This issue surveyed four different views along with a introduction and concluding article. While I was one of the authors, I recommend this issue because it helps to frame the discussion in a way that regular people can understand the similarities and difference that Bible believing scholars may have when it comes to this most amazing book of the NT canon.

You may access the online version of the articles through the following links:

Mark McClellenRevelation powerful, vibrant, essential message for the future

Wade Burleson – Preterist: The Power of Fulfilled Prophecy

Benjamin MerkleAmillenialism & Revelation

Craig Blaising – Progressive Dispensational: Revelation: Mysterious, fascinating

Alan BandyHistoric Premillennialism

Anthony JordanWhy are we doing this?

7 thoughts on “Latest Issue of the Oklahoma Baptist Messenger: Exploring the Book of Revelation

  1. Dear Alan, it’s good to know that you are back with blogging in a striking new format. I have read your essay and it’s one of the best summaries on historic pre-millennialism I have come across. You managed to pack in so much in so few words. Well done!

    • Thanks for the kind remarks, Tony. I have recently browsed your blog and it is excellent! I look forward to staying in contact with you. Maybe we could collaborate on something dealing with Revelation sometime.

  2. Alan, it would be an honour to collaborate with you on Revelation sometime. Let me know what you have in mind. At the moment I have a full load of teaching (including teaching Revelation next Semester) so I don’t have much time for research but I do hope to start writing sometime, Lord willing.

    • I too am busy teaching and working on a few writing projects, but I have had the idea for a book that examines the book of Revelation from a global perspective. It would be an edited volume that includes Asian (Chinese, Korean, etc.), African, European, North American, and South American (Latino) perspectives on theology, hermeneutics, and application. If this is something that you are interested in please email me:

  3. Hello,

    I am a Christian who is interested in learning more about Revelation. Although I am a layperson I enjoy reading and research, including scholarly articles. Do you have a recommended “reading list” for someone like me?


    • Peace be with you, Amy…

      1st- posture your heart for prayer. A. Love God for Who He is C. Confess any sin T.Thank Go for what He has done, is doing and will do and S. Supply some prayers for others- pray for family friends; loved and lost; pray for your enemies. (remember A.C.T.S.)
      NOW; Try reading through the Book of Revelation 1st (even if ya already have). Then I suggest (I too, am not all that educationally/academically estute- but seeking); Go back to the Pentateuch (the 1st five books of the Old Testament) and look for similarities- How is God speaking to you? 1. Picture God (specifically God the Son-Jesus- through your review of Revelation AND Old Testament- Daniel and Ezekiel should be helpful as well) so, picture Jesus in the scripture and/or verses you are reading- Picture yourself IN the same scripture (where and/ when are you?- is there a person; place and/or circumstance/event that you can personally relate to etc…2. Ponder the scripture- think about how the scripture and/or verses apply to you personally and 3. Pray- talk to Jesus. Just be sure to write down or type what the Lord reveals to you and find someone with whom you can share… you can call on Jesus ANY time during your research. Enjoy the treasure that is the knowlege and understanding of the Living Word- Jesus- and I pray that He provides you ALL materials necessary for you to grow into His likeness- I pray that He uses you in mighty ways, Sister Amy- In the name above all names I pray, Lord Jesus >

  4. My friend gives me her copy of the messenger weekly. The first article I read is by Walker Moore. I enjoy it so much. I also read Anthony Jordans articles and then I pass it on to my son who is a minister at the Community Baptist Church here in Tulsa. His church is an American Baptist Church. Thanks for all the wonderful articles. I especially enjoyed the ones about Falls Creek. I have been a counselor at Falls Creek many times. All 4 of our children went to Falls Creek by way of Harvard Ave Baptist Church here in Tulsa. God blesses you greatly for your work.

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